- To be a leader in the sector in terms of elevator types and related equipment, to set an example for other companies

- To become an important brand in the world with the increase in export transactions, to represent and promote our country in this sense.

- Taking an active role in producer field studies and bringing innovation to the sector, taking necessary actions for this

- To meet the needs of customers in all kinds of elevators, to respond to all needs in this sense, to have the experience to meet all elevator types and equipment that have become a need in the sector.

- To perform the given service correctly and quickly, we approach the problems with a solution-oriented approach.


As AS ELEVATOR, our mission is to bring the newest, most economical technologies suitable for Turkey in all areas we work with and to offer them to the service of users. While doing this, it is to be an exemplary organization by keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront, in the light of ethical and moral values, without compromising on quality, and by perpetuating development and improvement activities.


In the services we provide, it is to announce the AS ELEVATOR brand to the whole world. To be a leading company in the sector with an understanding based on customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, quality, teamwork, social responsibility, professional management approach, compliance with technological developments and sharing.